The perfect way to teach Human Rights & Minimise Bullying

Andrea Chorney & Hugh Kingsley at the UN

The Human Rights Game is a highly engaging and fun educational game developed specifically to teach human rights, a Social Sciences subject. In doing so, it can also help reduce school-based bullying. Respect is one of the key learning outcomes of the game. If students are being respectful, it is virtually impossible to bully.

During a time like now when it appears a new social order is about to take place in relation to human rights, our game is a perfect learning resource for schools. In support of our claim is the following acceptance notice quote:

We are pleased to inform you that your proposal “The United Nations & “The Human Rights Game”” (proposal id 849), submitted for consideration to the 2020 NCSS/NCGE/NLRE Annual Conference has been accepted. Congratulations on this accomplishment. We received a large number of submissions this year. To ensure the highest quality sessions presented at the conference, your submission underwent a blind review (without revealing presentership) by up to six highly qualified peer reviewers, all of whom gave you high marks. A second review was completed by the Conference Planning Committee who also identified your session as among the best.

We have also been accepted to present at the international Next Library conference.

In the USA it is available from the United Nations store in New York or via our Human Rights Game website. In Connecticut, The Westport Library became the first library in the USA to teach human rights with our game.

More than ever human rights are a topical issue that needs addressing. After reading the wonderful letter of support from, the United Nations, please join the many other schools utilising this highly engaging learning resource. 

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