With Wonderful Thanks to The Office of the President of the General Assembly

The Human Rights Game is an inspirational learning tool that uplifts the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the United Nations.  The UDHR, the most translated document in the world, takes on a new life asking players to think critically about their own personal and collective actions.  As we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, the Human Rights Game provides a timely opportunity for young people, educators, and their families to discuss and problem-solve effective ways to honor and protect the practice of freedom, equality, and dignity. This interactive experience creates a space for relationship-building and shaping of civic life through a lens of human rights and responsibilities. The Human Rights Game not only enables deep reflection on issues facing schools and communities today but through suggested follow-up discussion and community project development has the potential to infuse positive energy to work together for a hope-filled, healthy and sustainable tomorrow.

Kristi Rudelius-Palmer

Human Rights Educators USA Co-Founder

Thank you to the attendees of the World Education Summit 21 event for the wonderful event we co-hosted

“It really gets us to think and reflect what are the articles really about. Sometimes we just know the articles, what’s “right and wrong”, “do this and don’t do that”, but this game gets us to reflect how would the articles apply.”

“I learnt that this is a very interesting game that encourages very engaging conversation.”

“That’s a great initiative, Hugh! Very relevant to today’s landscape.”

“Thank you very much for introducing us to this thought-provoking game!”

“It’s good to encourage listening to others’ opinions and encourage discussion.”

“The importance of creating a safe space to talk openly about issues that concern humanity.”